Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Temple of Love, Peace and Music

 …or where to find the world’s biggest Beatles fan, Kolya Vasin. As long as you love the Beatles, he’ll love you. He’ll answer all your questions, but don’t expect him to take sides: he has no favourite Beatle, no favourite album, no favourite song – he just loves everything they do. Look out for the first record made in St Petersburg on the black market, from an X-ray scan. He’s been collecting for 50 years and in the temple for 20. 
 Some quotes from him:
[On his hand-made temple model] “The yellow sphere is love – like the sun. The blue sphere is peace – like the sky.”
“The Beatles is my native music – it is the music of my soul.”
“All good people listen to The Beatles – only foolish people don’t listen to them.”
“Before The Beatles, there was no freedom in Russia. Then there was freedom.”
[As we were leaving] “Beatles forever! All you need is love!”
First record made in StPb on the black market, from an x-ray scan
Every Friday 6-8pm at Pushkinskaya 10.

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