Monday, 19 November 2012

‘We don’t call this “Snow”’

We closed our curtains on this:
And opened them on this:
The amount of snow that would have caused chaos in England was just a peaceful addition to an apathetic city.
In London you have to leave early with your unmatched gloves and layers of permeable clothing to touch some snow that’s still white. 
Here, people try to avoid it and you can see why by the piles of slush that mount up at the side of the road. 

Nevertheless, virgin snow stretches across parks and pavements, aching to be crunched.

The pigeons were also not bothered.
This snowfall was apparently just a taster. I'll report back in December from my igloo.


  1. Congratulations to the first snow

    1. Это было на самом деле в конце октября, я с нетерпением жду декабря!