Saturday, 17 November 2012


 This gem of a Georgian restaurant is another victim of misleading Russian shop exteriors, but don’t be fooled by the neon signage and gaudy bar. The friendly staff will seat you in the secluded back, which is decorated like a traditional Georgian home – whitewashed walls, tastefully small paintings and some lovely dark pine furniture. Meat-eaters will love the spice of the shashlik, while a great vegetarian option is ‘lobio’ (R170).

 If you can ignore its initial brown, congealed appearance, you’ll find a delicious bean dish which is somewhere between a casserole and a curry. Of course, you can’t go for Georgian food without ordering some of the infamous ‘khachapuri’ (R250-350) – the cheese and herb one here will have you asking for the recipe! To treat yourself, order some homemade Georgian wine (R1000 for a litre) – sweet, heavy on the grape taste with an alcoholic kick, this is definitely one to order for a group.

On the corner of Rimskovo-Korsakova and Bolshaya Podyacheskaya.

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