Monday, 26 November 2012

Russian Fishing

The most expensive outing I will have in Russia and it was so completely worth it. Perched on the edge of a small lake on Krestovsky ostrov’, this restaurant allows you to catch your own fish and eat it. Rather like choosing your own lobster (what I’ve seen in movies) except so much more thrilling! The fish are divided by species, so pick from trout, sturgeon, beluga or crabs. Only the trout is caught by a line and you can choose to use a small fish as tackle and have a smaller catch, faster – or use sweetcorn for a slower, bigger catch. We went with the latter. Sergey, our helper, was extremely friendly and helpful and quietly bashed the fish’s head in while I wasn’t looking. He also lifted the nets so I could take pictures of the other, massive fish.
We got to play an ‘amateur’ game of Battleships on our paper placemats and there were other board games available, as well as free Wi-fi. You can also admire the naval-themed d├ęcor and the large photo of Putin’s visit to the restaurant. With the recommendation of the great fisherman himself, who could resist?! 

We were served the entire trout with a salad of lettuce, lemon and olives, as we chose to have it grilled. It was absolutely delicious and we ate enough food for about 4 people, determined as we were to finish everything to justify our cold-hearted killing. There was also a friendly pet cat who stared at us until we fed it some fish and some funny fishing-related cartoons in the toilet. Our fish and two massive tankards of beer was £70, which was more than the R2000/£40 recommended by the many reviews I’d seen beforehand. We supposed that those people had ordered from the menu and tried the casual fishing offered by the restaurant, which doesn’t seem worth it. Considering an Indian out for one here costs £20, we were happy with the extra expense as all fishing equipment was included. A wonderful one-time experience, and first-time fishing experience for me!

The complex the restaurant is in is also worth a look:

Karl and Friederik restaurant
Historic stone
On the way back, walk behind the restaurant, past the lake, and turn left into the little fork in the path. This way will take you past the Zoopark, complete with ostrich and chickens. Turn right at the end of this road and follow it back to the crossroads by the Metro station. Stop to see the Japanese-style shrine from the town of Osaka, and the wishes tied to the trees behind it. 

11 Yuzhnaya Doroga, Krestovsky Ostrov’. Turn left out of the Metro station, over the first crossroads, then take the first right. Follow the road past the ‘Sport Palace’ (9) to number 11.

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