Monday, 3 December 2012

Surprise! Russia is Cold In Winter.

On the way to do my laundry in the middle of a blizzard: one pair of socks, two pairs of leggings, some alpaca wool socks (shut up), jeans, a thermal top, a cardigan, two jumpers, alpaca wool gloves and a coat that is quite literally thicker than my bedding. 

Oh, that wasn't my laundry. That was on my freezing body in the tundric waste that was Petersburg on Friday. 
THAT. Is NOT. NORMAL. And there's hundreds of them all over the city. 

The situation has eased up a bit in that some of the snow seems to be melting where people have walked over it. This means there is now filthy slush all over the pavements and dripping off the roofs onto people's heads below. The rest of it has stubbornly stayed put though. Piter does look beautiful in the snow, but it's hard to see with a scarf over your mouth and a faux fur hood blinkering your face. 

I'm currently sleeping under 6 wool blankets and freezing as the radiator in our room, with a wooden counter built around it, radiates less heat than fresh vomit. But we've been recommended to request an extra radiator from our bezzies the cleaners.
Anyway, everyone looking forward to New Year? The next holiday on the calendar? I can't wait for Father New Year to put my New Year presents under my New Year tree.

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