Saturday, 17 November 2012

Radio Baby

 Even for club-haters (ie me), Radio Baby can surprise you by holding a cultural event. Although I was expecting a Mayakovsky reading, the lecture on History of Art as related to Mayakovsky and his friends proved very interesting and gave me the chance to see the club in daylight (well, at all). Expect club pricing for drinks (R180 for a pint of really nice cider) and some eclectic decor. Fluffy pink lamps, anyone?
Kazanskaya ul 7 is not nearly informative enough. Enter the archway at Dom 7 covered in adverts and go into the building in the far left-hand corner. Tell the security guard you’re headed to Radio Baby, then go through the turnstile and out into the courtyard. Walk straight ahead and Radio Baby’s entrance is in the middle of the building in front of you. Phew.

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