Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tandoori Nights

A necessary stop for anyone lamenting the lack of spice in their diet and/or sick of Georgian food, Tandoori Nights is the budget-friendlier neighbour of Tandoor. Run by a London chef, the interior features familiar statues of Hindu gods and maroon table linen. The English-speaking staff are happy to chat and (sometimes but not always) bring over complimentary salty lassis to whet your appetite. Curries are from R400-950, lassis R150-200 and butter naan R70 – don’t leave without trying it! Raita comes with a biryani, otherwise the yoghurt is too thin to be worth the R100. Expect to pay between R750-1200 for a curry, rice, naan and a drink, but it is absolutely worth it after months of Russian food and a great place to take a visitor.

Gorokhovaya ul, opposite the Admiralstvo.

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