Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Belated До свидания!

So, my four months in Russia is up and I'm writing this at home, wrapped in a slanket, with a hot water bottle, by the fire. Purely because it's comfy obviously, the 30 odd C increase in temperature was kind of noticeable. 

Anyway, this post will serve as a kind of summary for lazy but well-meaning people. 

Cool things I did in St Petersburg:

Walked across a BIG frozen pond
Went to the banya, NAKED, and got whipped with veniki (birch branches). No photographic proof, I'm afraid.
Russian Venus - Boris Kustodiev
Met Russia's biggest Beatles fan, Kol'ya Vasin, in the Temple of Peace, Love and Music.
Went to the Hermitage a few times.
Japanese goldfish bowl
Caught and ate Fred the fish, like a good bloodthirsty pescatarian.
Saw these tributes to Ekaterina II (no donkeys here)
Got a rose from a drunk stranger
Went to see the rising of the bridges
Saw a Chekhov play (The Cherry Orchard/Вишневый Сад)
Complied with all the best Petersburg superstitions
Ostap Bender
Cat statues on Malaya Sadovaya (Vasilisa)
Atlas('s feet)
Kissing bridge
The Hare Escaping Flooding
Saw Finland (possibly? Yeahh)
Made some great (little) friends
Saw some, quite frankly, odd things.
Now that's a toilet! (Made from carrots)
Experienced winter (and the casual threat of near-death) like never before
Tried new food
Buckwheat & Tofu and Pumpkin curry
Okay maybe not all the time
Drank a LOT of tea (even by my builders' brew standards)

Trekked off in the snow to see the wacky art in Erarta
Learnt to ceremoniously serve tea the Chinese way
Found these greats of Russian literature
Mayor Kovalev's Nose
And the greats of Russia in general
The Bronze Horseman (Peter)
The Eternal Flame
Peter the Great
Saw Petersburg at its worst.
And at its beautiful best
Appreciated Russia's past
And guessed at its future.
Looking onto oligarch complex from Church annexe
Hard as it was at times, we learnt to deal with laughably grumpy cashiers, pillowy mountains of snow and not seeing the sun for a good 5 weeks. Ultimately, I was sorry to leave and I hope I can go back in the next few years (and remember a bit of Russian). 

Otherwise, I'll see you chumps in Valencia!

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  1. I absolutely love your blog!!! The bit about the banya and veniki in this post nearly made me cry with smeh. It's such a shame that you haven't posted in a while!