Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Hermitage - Ancient Egypt and Greece

We finally visited the Hermitage today. It is massive, impressive and absolutely gorgeous. It makes the British Museum look like a tatty load of trinkets that nobody wants.

On the way to the Hermitage from our hostel, you pass St Isaac's Cathedral and what appears to be the Naval Academy. This means a beautiful fountain and lots of men in funny sailor suits.

Not Paris. But it could be.

This guy treated us to both 'My Heart Will Go On', and 'My Way' - on the panpipes. He was not the weirdest person in the square.

Once we realised that our guinea pigs, the Japanese tourists taking flash photos, were not being dragged off by the many babushkas, we took full advantage of the lax rules. 
Eros riding a dolphin (which is not your friend)
Feeblest satyr ever, with thorn in his foot
Nothing gets past this babushka
The interior is a work of art in itself - everything is marble
Gigantic urn - that's actually how big it was
Luminescent water. No wonder we can't drink it.
The neon veils are a hen party, at the Hermitage. I adore Russians.
Starlings bathing. They are too cute.
Russia all over, really.
Essentially, the Hermitage is vastly superior to any museum in my recent memory. I'm going to go live there.

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