Thursday, 6 September 2012

Settling In

Helloooo from Russia! Pictures will follow when I coordinate Internet access and having my camera cable on me. I don't have a lot of time until my next class, so here are some things that have happened: 

  • Our second flight on Estonian Air was on a plane half the size of a normal one, that had propellers. Propellers. But also, complimentary warm mini muffins and mints, and a friendly stewardess who didn't mind both me and Ollie ruining our migration cards multiple times.
  • Tallinn (Estonian capital) looks bleak from the air, has such a lack of urban planning it looks like a poorly-played game of Age of Empires and I'm pretty sure there was a moat around the airport.
  • The hostel is actually pretty snazzy and we have free hot water dispensers, so if anyone wants to send me instant food, you do that, girlfriend.
  • Russian TV is something else. We've been watching 'Голые смешные', or 'Funny naked people'. It's like 'Balls of Steel', except the pranks are that women get naked on the street and film people's reactions. There were such gems as burying a net under a (always topless) girl's towel on the beach and then picking her up in it. When they pranked a fat girl, a cartoon of a man pointing and laughing came on screen along with the sound of a pig oinking. Nice.
  • We tried out a ' Столовая' last night, which is basically a dirt-cheap canteen. Sadly for us, we got distracted watching 'Давай пожениться!' - 'Let's get married!' which is like a cross between Take me Out and Loose Women, except the contestants usually get married (after a 30 second onstage date of course). Anyway, we got there not long before it was due to shut, so my dinner was yellow rice and cabbage. 50 rubles though, with a cup of tea, which is just over a pound. Boom.
  • We also visited the Railway Museum, on my insistence, which had a surprising amount of old propaganda, several large paintings of Lenin and a real train carriage you could get inside. And it had a shower. On a train! More than my room has.
I will update more soon, because everyone needs to see the picture I took of the chalk Spongebob on the wall. And other stuff I guess. Lots of love! xxx

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